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The Sparks of Fire

(A Youth Camp Experience)

-25 °C

"Batangas, the next to Baguio in terms of its known climate and temperature. This is exiting. And not far from Batangas lies the Taal Lake, I wish I could catch a glimpse of the smallest volcano in the world." I told myself while on the bus en route to Shercon Resort. As we enter Brgy. San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy, I could see the towering trees and evergreen plants.

We were chatting and laughing when the bus stopped. Then one by one, the passengers went down. As for me, I took my bag and water jug and stepped out of the bus. I felt the sun's warmth upon my skin but it was not that hot. For I also felt the cold breeze dancing on my skin that afternoon.
At last, Shercon Resort! I felt a glimmer of joy.

Together with my friends, we walked towards a hall. As we walked on by, we spotted some cottages. Those cottages were no ordinary cottages, these cottages were class cottages. For a second, I thought that they had to pay double for renting those cottages. Ah, so big and beautiful, however I did not go inside for we continued to walk.


It was standing with glory. Beside it was a ocean blue swimming pool. I felt like taking off my clothes and jump for the pool. Of course I did not, I continued to look at the hotel. The hotel had four floors. The top most floor had a balcony. Then I was called by the Senior Campers, and I entered the hotel. I looked for my name. I was placed in Room 101. So I went on and searched for the room. Picture5


I found my room no later than 5 minutes, as I opened the door, the smell of sweet scent of the beds were exploding all around. Everything was perfect. White beds, white sheets, white pillows and white walls were all over the room. "I could sleep here for an eternity and on." I told myself. I found the last bed which was near the AC and jumped for it. I felt it hugged me. Ah, what a nice bed. Picture1


After some time, my roommates and I went out of our room to go to the top floor room of the hotel for our Praise and Worship time. While walking in the balcony, I saw the grand scene of the Taal Lake! It was amazing and beautiful at the same time. I stood there in awe as the cold afternoon wind blew. Wow, what a scenery. It was grand.


We came out of the hall like room. The sun was bidding its farewell. And believe me when I say that the scene was another blast. It was not an ordinary sunset for me! it was the most amazing sunset I've ever seen!. I stood there for minutes just looking at the sun's bidding. As it went down, so did the other campers as they headed for the other rooms.


Before the clock hit seven, I decided to take a little stroll. I went uphill and saw this beautiful hall. It was called the Manuel Hall. It was pretty big and pretty beautiful. Made by fine rocks and some other stuff. Honestly, it was beautiful.

I continued on, and I saw another pool! It was bigger than the first one in the hotel. Water was streaming down from another pool atop it. Wow! Such creativity! I saw that it was named Infinity Pool. I could hear the water falling endlessly. And I could not wait to dive into it. Sure it was inviting me to take a dip. But I decided to head back for dinner.


Dinner was fine.The food was catered by Shercon Resort staff itself. They served the food freshly cooked. Food was delicious so were the drinks. I even ate a lot from that dinner. I ate with my friends, chatting with each other endlessly. We spent an hour chatting while eating. The food was good so was the overspent chat. Then, we headed for our rooms.

My roommates and I were listening to our Counselor as he told stuff about himself. We told stuff about ourselves too. I was sitting in my bed that time. I could feel the sleepiness already. However we continued on. Not long after, we went to the hall of praise and worship again. We sand praises and worship God. After the songs, all campers sat down. A man approached. He is Pastor Michael. He held up the microphone and uttered a lot of words. However, I caught one word in my ear. And without intention and knowing it, just by reflexes, I whispered:


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